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Post a good simple game idea that requires as little graphics as possible!
If it succeeds you will get 10$.


2010-04-16 10:43:23 by giraffen93

Braxnet, rough translation "Carp-Bream-net", is a new site created by me with all the subsites and other stuff, you can find it here:

Well, nothing more...

Domain name

2009-03-19 09:37:29 by giraffen93

I bought a domain name :D

A week left!

2008-12-20 09:44:21 by giraffen93

Only a week left for our LAN party :D


New game!

2008-09-15 05:38:47 by giraffen93

Allright, new game incoming! Based on this:

/* */
Welcome, button mashing ;)
New update. The gameplay is going to be different.

Ninjas VS Pirates UPDATE!

2008-05-08 16:07:36 by giraffen93
New DEMO! This is still a early WIP.
Please comment :3

Ninjas VS Pirates

2008-05-06 06:27:56 by giraffen93

In production right now - Expect to see this soon! Ask me if you want so see a demo :D